Self-Observation -- Watch the Mind Like a Hawk

“Eternal vigilance is the price one has to pay for Freedom. Only with constant vigilance and by remaining aware all the time, one can really start seeing the working of this cunning manipulative mind. While observing with aloof attention, all these compartments open up and the contents surface up. 

 In that field of eternal vigilance you start observing the whole trajectory of the thought. Then like a hawk you are able to catch the thought as soon as it arises in your inner space. Thus by catching a thought right at the point of onset, you can dissolve it before it catches you. Slowly the grip of the thought-emotional mind loosens up. And the awareness gains momentum. More and more Life energy gathers up which strengthens the field of vigilant awareness. 

All these thought-emotions get dissolved into the light of vibrant awareness. This is the way one can remain in the field of pure consciousness for longer duration. This is how the integration of Total Life Energy happens and in an unexpected moment the explosion happens in the inner domain which shatters the crystallized structure of the mind and gives the experience of Beyond.”   

 -- Dada Gavand

Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.


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