The Arahant - Ajahn Amaro

The lone remaining wall 
Of a long-since fallen house, 
No more inside, no more outside, 
No more trespass for the mouse; 
Where a doorway and five windows 
Allow the winds to pass 
Unobstructed as they billow 
Through the woods, across the grass; 
Where sun and moon and starshine 
Illuminate the scene 
For all the folk that pass it by 
When wandering in the green. 
"I wonder who the person was 
Who built this mighty house, 
That's now a bramble garden 
And a home for grub and louse?" 
A broken ridge and rafters smashed 
Lie strewn across the floor 
And all that stands, quite ownerless, 
Five windows and a door. 

 –      Chithurst, 1983
Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.


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