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"[Stillness] strikes me. This bottle, this glass, a big stone on a deserted beach – these are motionless things, but they set loose great movements in my mind... People who go bathing on a beach and who move about, touch me much less than the [stillness] of a pebble. (Motionless things become grand, much grander than moving things.) [Stillness] makes me think of great spaces in which movements take place which do not stop at a given moment, movements which have no end. It is, as Kant said, the immediate irruption of the infinite in the finite. A pebble which is a finite and motionless object suggests to me not only movements, but movements without end."  

 -- Jean Miro 

Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words. 

Quote via Brain Pickings;  Photo collage by Eduwrite


The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection, The water has no mind to receive their image.   

 -- Zen Poem 

er, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.


Every moment we recognize awareness ― and really trust and learn to appreciate it ― joy comes, compassion comes, and love. But it isn’t personal; it isn’t based on liking, preferences, or kammic attachments. The dhamma is not the destruction of conditioned phenomena, but the container of it. All possibilities of conditioned phenomena arise and cease in the dhamma; and there is nothing that can bind us once we see that, because the reality of the dhamma is seen rather than the forms that arise and cease. Mindfulness reflections are skilful means the Buddha developed for investigating experience, for breaking down the illusions we hold, for breaking through the ignorance we grasp at, for freeing ourselves from form, the limited and the unsatisfactory. Rather than teaching too many techniques now, or giving too much structure, I prefer to encourage people just to trust themselves with mindfulness and awareness. Often meditation is taught with this sense that one has to get something or g…


In this way and that I have tried to save the old pail 
Since the bamboo strip was weak and about to break 
Until at last the bottom fell out. 
No more water in the pail! 
No more moon in the water!   

 -- Chiyono 
Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.