You have mistakenly attached yourself to a body-mind -- a phantom self or ego. What is the real situation? You can only know by seeing directly. Study these pointers and apply them to the world you "see and experience".  Investigate thoroughly. 

The manifestation of the entire universe is just like a dream and all the various beings in it are just dreamed objects... mere appearances going through their assigned parts, not really living but being lived and being dreamed by the dreamer. 

However, there is not one dreamer. 

Through each psychosomatic apparatus associated with consciousness, the universally shared dream is being dreamed; and so each sentient being is both a dreamed figure and the dreamer. 

Through the divided mind, each being appears to exist apart from the 'others' and the world, but when you reflect on the process of the dream you soon realize that every object in this dreamed universe is 'you', in the same way that every object in your personal dream is nothing but 'you'. 

The 'you' of your dream has no real control over the objects in your personal dream, including the object that 'you' are in your dream. Everything appears to happen in and around you spontaneously, without a patent cause.

 –       Nisargadatta Maharaj

Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.

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