Most seekers embark on the search through the desire is be free of suffering and abide in the freedom of the natural state. At the initial stages, when identified with the person, the desire may be at a personal level -- to become enlightened, change the world, become a successful and famous spiritual teacher, to be free from the problems of the relative. In other words, the desire is to gain something at a personal level. 

When the seeker is ripe or ready, these personal desires drop away. Instead, there is simply the burning and earnest desire to know the Self and be free of suffering. This series will offer the direct path pointers on how to be free from suffering -- permanently.

In your original state of unity and wholeness you didn't even know you existed. Then one day, you were told that you were born, that a particular body was 'you', that a particular couple were your parents. Thereafter, you began accepting further information about 'you', day by day, and built up a whole pseudo-personality, but only because you had accepted the charge that you had been born, although you were fully aware that you had no experience of being born, that you had never agreed to be born, and that your body was being thrust upon you. 

Gradually the conditioning became stronger and stronger and grew to such an extent that not only did you accept the charge that you were born as a particular body, but that you would at some future date 'die', and the very word 'death' became a dreaded word to you, signifying a traumatic event. 

What a bad joke has been played on you? Now, not only do you fail to see that you are merely an actor playing a role in this farce, but you go on to assume that you have a choice of decision and action in the play, a play which must obviously unfold strictly according to the pre-written script. And when events thus take place naturally in the ordinary course, this conceptual entity takes responsibility for them and lets himself get affected, and suffers. 

But, all suffering is nothing but the acceptance of a false arrest, allowing the impersonal, subjective, timeless, universal beingness to be apprehended and bound up into the mistaken identity of the personal, objective, temporal, limited phenomenon. 

When you get some inkling of this farce then you start thinking of 'liberation' and release from 'bondage'.

 –        Nisargadatta Maharaj

Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.

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