Most seekers embark on the search through the desire is be free of suffering and abide in the freedom of the natural state. At the initial stages, when identified with the person, the desire may be at a personal level -- to become enlightened, change the world, become a successful and famous spiritual teacher, to be free from the problems of the relative. In other words, the desire is to gain something at a personal level. 

When the seeker is ripe or ready, these personal desires drop away. Instead, there is simply the burning and earnest desire to know the Self and be free of suffering. This series will offer the direct path pointers on how to be free from suffering -- permanently.

Consciousness is a great fraud; it is the cause of all suffering. It all begins with selflove, the need to be present. This love of being, love of self is the nature of the seed, the sperm. Consciousness is latent in that, in the condition we call birth. Then, out of the food essence comes the taste 'I am' and consciousness flowers. You are and so the world is. But, don't get entangled in the branches and the leaves - go to the seed. Without the seed the tree will not be there. Find out where that seed came from. That state cannot be witnessed by you... only what is other than you can be witnessed by you. Still, in that state of no-knowingness, without eyes, you must abide.

 –        Nisargadatta Maharaj

Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.

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