This series will offer direct pointers to the natural state. What these pointers do is illuminate the way – revealing the cul-de-sacs or false paths. It is easy to become lost in the variety of mystical experience; yet these pointers bring you back again and again to the correct direction. The natural state can never be described, as this would make it simply another object in consciousness, splitting the unified field into subject (seeker) and object (realization). Instead, these pointers have the effect of eroding the false, dissolving the mistaken sense of self-identity and creating the conditions for the return to the non-dual state. .

Questioner: That which is, does not know Itself? 

Maharaj: In that state you do not know you are. With the tool, or aid, of beingness you know you are. 

Questioner: With the tool we try to go beyond? 

Maharaj: Don't try to go beyond consciousness, only recognize, understand, what the beingness is, that does the trick. The proof that consciousness was not lies with you only. You, the Absolute, are the proof of that. Spontaneously, uncalled for, this beingness has come and this beingness is being witnessed by you, the Absolute. Ask questions - you will not have such an opportunity again.

Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.

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