This series will offer direct pointers to the natural state. What these pointers do is illuminate the way – revealing the cul-de-sacs or false paths. It is easy to become lost in the variety of mystical experience; yet these pointers bring you back again and again to the correct direction. The natural state can never be described, as this would make it simply another object in consciousness, splitting the unified field into subject (seeker) and object (realization). Instead, these pointers have the effect of eroding the false, dissolving the mistaken sense of self-identity and creating the conditions for the return to the non-dual state. .

In the final state of perfection, he [the jnani] possesses no longer opinions of his own nor any private preference. Then Truth possesses him, not he, Truth. He who would become one with the Eternal must first learn to be humble. He must offer, upon the sacrificial alter, the pride of the knower. He must become one who lays no possessive claim to knowledge or wisdom. This is the state of the mystic ignorance—of the emptied heart.  

 –       Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.

(Thanks and acknowledgement to Joel Morwood for this quote. The Way of Selflessness. Center for Sacred 2009.)

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