Remember, to know Yourself, return to the silence before words.

But, the Awareness will not reveal itself as long as you are still identified with this pseudo-entity. You still seem to be convinced that you live a life of your own, according to your own wishes and hopes and ambitions, according to your own plans and design, and through your own individual efforts. But is it like that, or are you being dreamed and lived without volition as a mere puppet, exactly as in a dream of the night? When you think about it you will realize that this psycho-physical apparatus is only an appearance and as such has no independent existence. Therefore, it cannot act on its own independently, despite all appearances to the contrary. When you understand that you are the conscious presence and not the outer casing of consciousness, when you apprehend the total manifestation, not with the dichotimized mind of the individual but with the whole mind of the universal, then you realize that whatever the appearance does and whatever happens to it is of no real importance. Its life is being lived; happenings are taking place. That is all.

 –       Nisargadatta Maharaj

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